Clone of Is This You?

You struggle to say 'no'.

Your deep sense of responsibility means you're always the one to come to the rescue – for your boss, your family, your friends.

You’re super-reliable, deeply empathic, and rarely disappoint.

After all, isn't that what a caring person does? Put others' needs before their own?


Being everything to everyone all the time is taking its toll.

You’re tired of always pushing and pressuring yourself

of always being the one to make the sacrifices

You’re starting to resent always being the ‘responsible one’, and you wonder if it’ll ever be your turn to sit back and rest.

But you’re starting to feel resentful, drained and tired of being the one to carry it all.

The truth is, deep down, you're unhappy, anxious and stressed.

You feel trapped, with no choice.

You know you need to put yourself first,

but you can't

the overpowering feeling of guilt and blank means you'll go to any length to avoid conflict.You're the peace keeper, the one that keeps the cogs spinning, the wheels turning; somebody. has to be the bigger person; somebody has to step up and take on the duties no one else wants.

if you don't, history has taught you you'll live to regret it; you won't have anyone butyouserld to blame for the problem you're in, a problem you could've avoided had you just sucked it up and 'done the right thing'
The only option: 'go with the flow', go white-water rafting when all you really want is to paddle nice and slow.

The reality is that having spent your life being the ultra-capable, super-reliable person that always does their best means your identity - your very self-worth - revolves around what you can do for others.

  • "suck it up"
  • "it's not how you get ahead"
  • "you're just too sensitive"

It's just how you are, how you're wired and built.

You know you are capable and have so much to offer.

You know you could THRIVE…
If only:

  • you had more time, energy, and financial freedom
  • you could move at your own pace: control your hours, stimulation, the kinds of people you deal with
  • you could you could slow down long enough to refill your own well
  • you could be in the world, but on your own terms

You want to scream to the world that you've tried it all.

You've read the books.
You've listened to the podcasts.
You've even watched a webinar or two.

You've tried time-management. Meditation. Yoga. Self-care.
You've tried doing less.
You've tried pushing through and ignoring your needs.

You've quit jobs. Changed jobs.
Taken mental health days and rested.

You're doing everything you can to manage and keep up.
But the world is just moving too fast…

You're wired and tired.
You're beyond burnt out.

All you want is some semblance of peace in your life.

You long for space, a sense of purpose; more sunshine, joy, and delight.

To feel in control, be inspired, and hopeful; to look forward to what the day brings.

To feel that daily life is not so insurmountable.

To meet your commitments and responsibilities, with a task list that is 'human' (doable).

To have time for what matters, your passions, and life.

To be in the world but not of it.

I can tell you from personal experience this IS possible.

You can create a future where you live with less stress, that is unique to your own nature, that honours your needs, that fits your life.

Yes, you are different – but in the most wonderful of ways…

Are you ready to change the pace of your life on a fundamental level?

Are you ready to go from merely 'existing' to actually 'living' your life?

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